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International Conference 2014, Niš, Serbia
Teaching Languages And Cultures In The Post-method Era:
Issues and Developments


  • WelcomeDobro došli

    With great pleasure, the English department and the Centre for teacher education and professional development of the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Niš invite you to take part in the First international conference Teaching Languages and Cultures in the Post-Method Era: Issues and Developments (TLC 2014) to be held on November 15th at the Faculty of Philosophy in Niš, under the auspices of Faculty of Philosophy’s broader conference in social sciences and humanities, Science and Modern University 4 – NISUN 4.

    The aim of this international event is to contribute to keeping alive a long and fruitful tradition of applied linguistic research in the Balkan region by bringing together academics, scholars, researchers and practitioners in applied linguistics and language and culture teaching methodology.

    Teaching languages – first, second, foreign, or additional – has been facing ever increasing challenges and demands in the past decades, and it has become both essential and difficult to keep pace with the swiftly changing world. Therefore, it has become even more important for researchers, scholars and practitioners in applied linguistics, and language and culture teaching to foster an equally dynamic academic network, and to exchange research findings, ideas, and views of current developments. The aspiration of TLC 2014 is to provide a free, supportive and stimulating academic forum for sharing various and unique perspectives, presenting authentic and novel research results, and actively engaging in the growth of the teaching-focused community.

    We also invite educators, administrators, policy makers and teaching practitioners to join us at the TLC 2014 conference, and contribute to building a broad expert network devoted to a common goal – bringing language and culture teaching closer to meeting the needs of the modern society.

    We look forward to seeing you in Niš,

    TLC 2014 Organizing Board

    Faculty of Philosophy

    University of Niš


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